Gabriel Sternberg


Born in 1979, Gabriel Sternberg's story begins only a few years ago, when he decided to buy himself a guitar, then a cheap keyboard. Back in his room, he tried to figure out how to play all these instruments but, unlike most of his friends, Gabriel couldn't manage to perform other people's music, finding it too impersonal.

After discovering a multi-track recorder, he slowly started to become what he is today. He does everything by himself: writing songs/lyrics, playing them, recording, and singing...

One evening in May 2005, a friend from Germany went to visit in Milan and he improvised a small concert. Then he came to the idea of playing other bedroom gigs, inviting friends from all over Europe.

Original bavarian beers and delicate, melancholy love songs were the main ingredients of those nights, named as "Canzoni al Chiaro di Luna". From August to December 2005 he recorded some of the songs he used to play.

"Silent Days" (2006), a self-produced album, was the perfect result of a compromise between Gabriel's attitude and the peaceful living with his next-door neighbours. After the release of about 50 copies of his demo CD, which he gave out as presents to friends and labels, he got in contact with indie label Canebagnato Records and they decided to collaborate.

The first real release appeared in February 2007 with the song Willow Tree, included on the compilation Hits of the Freaks vol.IV, by Rome-based fanzine Beautiful Freaks. From January to April 2007 he recorded his current album, "Endless Night", supported by the production by Christian Alati (Don Quib˛l).

The album will be released on May 2007.